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Thread: Dolphins Jersey To Buy Question?

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    So far I have the new Elite Tannehill away and home and Dion Jordan home. and 2012 home and alternate Tannehill elites
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Gift received at 10-25-2013, 11:36 AM from Wildbill3
Message: Sorry for the misunderstanding.
    I have a handful of Dolphins jerseys in my closet. Some are more useful than others.

    3 Marino's (early 90's aqua, late 90's aqua and late 90's white)
    Aqua Madison
    Aqua McDuffie
    2 of Zach (aqua and white)
    2 aqua Ricky's (one replica, one authentic)
    Aqua JT
    Aqua Ronnie
    Aqua Boston
    Aqua Chambers
    Aqua Ginn
    Aqua Bess

    It's a mix of replicas, authentics, and I think 1 or 2 of them are knock-offs (I try to avoid those but the ones I have look pretty close to the real thing and have held up well). I want to get a new jersey but I can't decide which player to get. Right now it's between Wake and Jordan. I also can't decide what level of jersey I want.....Limited, or shell out the money for an Elite. I have been able to score all 3 of the authentics in my collection for under $100 each.
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    I have a authentic Ricky williams(reebok) 2012 elite green Ryan tannehill, and I just ordered a custom white elite. Instead of getting a player I got #72 perfect image.jpg I figured this will never get old or out of style
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