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Thread: More leach news per rotoworld

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    More leach news per rotoworld

    I am sick of all this news sayign we are the favorites if we are we need to justr get the deal done. Instead of being used as in years past to drive up the price.
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    Re: More leach news per rotoworld

    Not really much news to be honest
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    We'll see. The Dolphins are known throughout the league as a big money spender so agents like to get us interested in their free agents in the hopes it will drive up another team's price. Ross is bold that way so we get used a lot. It is what it is.

    At this point, despite all the "favorite" talk I think it's no more than 50/50 chance he ends up here. Probably less. Among other things the longer these kinds of talks drag on the more likely it is that guys will go back to their original team. That's a consistent trend no matter the team, player or situation.

    I'd personally love to have him even though I think he's sort of a luxury in the offensive attack it seems like we're going to run. He's good enough out of the backfield he could be a legitimate third down option if Miller's blocking doesn't improve (helping to make Daniel Thomas even more expendable). And of course he's the best lead blocker in football. But if all goes well he would probably only end up playing a third of the offensive snaps, which is not very much for the kind of money he wants.

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