A Tennessee woman distracted her neighbor by taking a naked dip in his pool so that her husband could rob the home, police said.
The couple allegedly approached the property in Crossville on Saturday afternoon and started talking to the 54-year-old owner.
Asking her husband to go back home to get her cigarettes, the wife asked if she could take a swim to cool down.
The owner agreed, leading her to the backyard, where she asked if she could take off her costume.
Saying that wasn't a problem, he watched for 20 minutes as she did laps.
Fetching a towel, she then dried herself off and left.
It was only later, when he went back into the house, that he noticed a handgun, jewelry and medication had been taken. Together, the items were worth $1,195.
Cops have reportedly identified suspects and are now searching for them, reports the Crossville Chronicle.
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