Last year, we hit on 293 of 504 passes for 3425 yards with what we had. Hartline had 71 for 1083, Bess- 61 for 778, Fasano- 41 for 332. Bush caught 35 for 292, Clay- 18 for 212, Thomas- 15 for 156, Matthews- 11 for 151, Moore- 6 for 116, and the rest had 32 for around 300 yards. We ran 440 times for 1800 yds. Will we throw more and run less?

This year, we have much more receiving talent, and the number should substantially increase. What yardage expectations do you have for Tannehill, and how do you split up that yardage among our receivers? Add in TD's if ya like.

Tannehill- ?

Hartline- ?

Wallace- ?

Gibson- ?

Keller- ?

Clay- ?

Simms- ?

Miller- ?

Thomas- ?

Matthews- ?

Fill in anyone else you think is worth mentioning. No need to be exact, just a rough idea of how many yard Tanny will throw for, how that yardage will be split up with tis new toys?