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Thread: Florida Medical Marijuna 2014

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheWalrus View Post
    You'd think, but "family" and religious conservatives have been against it and will always been against. Soccer moms, too. They're persuadable on certain liberal issues but drug legalization has always been a bugaboo for them.

    For what it's worth if we're laying odds on which state will be the last to make marijuana legal my vote goes to Missouri. The West (and Texas, which is spiritually part of the West, imo) has a libertarian attitude which makes marijuana legalization inevitable -- even in Utah -- while the East coast tends to be conventionally liberal.

    Missouri is right in the middle and was -- not coincidentally -- where the modern evangelical Christian movement began. They'll be last, imo.

    True, but I'm always saying that the right needs to ignore the relgious faction on some issues. This is a perfect example. What are relgious right going to do...vote dem?

    Just off the top of my head with 0 research, I'd go with Utah as the last state.
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    Florida's weed laws are embarrassing. But hey, the "less government intrusion, more individual freedom" contingent should get behind this right? Right? The recent libertarian shift should help this but there will still be that airheaded Santorumite faction that basically says "freedom to do whatever you want so long as I agree with it".
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