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Thread: This Year's Bye Week Is A Good Thing...

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    FIST PUMP TAG This Year's Bye Week Is A Good Thing...

    This year's bye week will benefit us. We can, and will, get ready for the two divisional games that follow against the Bills and the Patriots. During the bye we will surely focus on getting set for those teams. Our chances for wins will thus be greater.

    Also if we enter week 7 and 8 with a at least three of four wins against the Browns, Colts, Falcons, Saints and Ravens (with those losing efforts being decided in the final minutes of the forth quarter) the Dolphins will be vitalized (we'll have the forward momentum) when we face those two vital division games after the bye week.

    Plus we will be well rested as well.

    Next to Marino's fake spike touchdown to Ingram, the hook-and-ladder play comes in second. What a beauty.

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    The bye week may seem early in the regular season, but with the extra week of preseason for us, it couldn't come at a better time IMO. It gives us a chance to recoup a little bit especially with the first five games being so tough.
    I just try to be myself, whatever that is. I don't think about how I'll be remembered. I just want to be consistent over a long period of time. That's what the great players do.
    -Dan Marino
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    i like the week of our bye week this season.

    we will have had 5 really tough games, and it will be a great time for coach philbin and staff, and less importantly the fans to be able to evaluate the team and see where we stand.

    the 1st 5 games will show us what the dolphins are really about this season imo.
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