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It's Rex's way of promoting Sanchez essentially. I think with the fan base split on Sanchez and many rooting for Geno it is in Rex's best interest to bash Geno. There is no reason for any coach to go public blasting a rookie like that. These things belong within the confines of the organization. We know that Sanchez will start the season. Geno having 'brutal' practices quells any controversy.
I've heard him say things like this a lot. I remember in 2009-2010 he would come out and say "Vernon Gholston had a great practice today" or "The offense had their best practice of the year". And then Gholston doesn't see the field/doesn't produce when he is on it or the offense struggles or he says "the offense looked really bad out there today" and then the offense plays well. There's just no reason to go out of your way to praise a player or unit or bash one based on what they do in one single day of practice. It's just dumb and meaningless and can only lead to stupid non stories like this. The papers or ESPN are not going to comment when he says Geno had a great practice, they're just going to comment when the coach says something negative. I've heard him say things about Sanchez too (both negative and positive). This happens to be the first time one of these things has made a headline.

There is just no reason to say it. And like I said it's not a big deal and it means nothing but when I see "Rex Ryan says Geno Smith had a brutal practice" come scrolling across the bottom-line on Sports Center I just shake my head.