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Thread: ESPN - James Walker Miami Dolphins 2013 Roster Projection 2.0

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    If we keep Vaughn Martin over Francis, I will bash Ireland.
    1. Melvin Gordon RB
    2. Bernardrick McKinney ILB
    3. Steve Nelson CB
    4. John Miller G
    5. Adrian Amos FS
    5. Kenny Bell WR
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    Quote Originally Posted by dolfan91 View Post
    Dude don't come at me all amped up. I was F**king joking about trading for Ginn. My statement was about how he's matured and seems to be playing better. Thigpen is strictly a K/R and nothing more, who takes up a roster spot. At least Ginn can give you a bit more.
    Oh, yeah, I'm so amped up. Serious business! FOOTBALL! YEAH! Relax. I think we both know the only thing Ginn gave us was a headache.
    Joe Philbin says, "Jim Turner was a great coach. He made sure shoes were tied at all times and that no gum wrappers touched the field."
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    I'd make the following swap... Kyle Miller for Spitler
    Doubt is not a pleasant condition, but certainty is absurd - Voltaire

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