The game is certainly has it's flaws but it's not a bad game by any means. I really don't care about stadium upgrades, or things that they say are new but arent new etc. I only play the game in online franchise leagues so for me its all about gameplay. What I don't like about the gameplay are things like LB's floating around the middle of the field and jumping way into the air to intercept a pass that's intended for a WR that's 10-20 yards farther down the field than the LB is, also it is extremely unrealistic for a DB to get an INT or even have a shot at touching the ball when the WR has 3+ yards on the DB and it's a well thrown ball, 3 yards of seperation is WIDE OPEN in the NFL and if the ball is thrown in a good spot it's a completion every time(if the WR doesn't drop it). There are also way to many drops after a WR catches the ball and a DB hits him right away, sure there are times where a big hit knocks the ball out of a WR's hands but it happens waaay too much in this game. I also think the ballhawk feature is BS, now any scrub can just hold triangle and snag INT's without any stick skills whatsoever which is beyond ridiculous. All of that makes it sound like a terrible game but the reason i say it's not is because it's a Video Game and it's about what I expect it to be. I don't pick up the newest copy of madden every year expecting to think I'm actually on an NFL football field everytime I pick up the sticks, so for a video game it's pretty decent IMO.