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Thread: My annual team grading thread....

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    Standard NFL.com 12 team league:

    Originally drafted:
    QB D. Brees [NO]
    RB A. Peterson [MIN]
    RB M. Jones-Drew [JAC]
    WR C. Shorts [JAC]
    WR J. Jones [GB]
    TE R. Gronkowski [NE]
    W/R L. Miller [MIA]

    BN D. Richardson [STL]
    BN G. Bernard [CIN]
    BN A. Boldin [SF]
    BN J. Gordon [CLE]
    BN L. Bell [PIT]
    BN K. Thompkins [NE]

    K G. Hartley [NO]
    DEF Rams

    I've already dropped Thompkins to pick up Z. Sudfeld [NE] to start at TE while Gronk is out. I've also switched out the Rams for the Bucs to take advantage of their Week 1 match-up against the Jests and may just shuffle DEFs weekly based on match-up.

    Edit: I drafted 1st overall.
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    10 man PPR league, drafted 4th

    QB: Kaepernick
    RB: Foster
    RB: Forte
    RB/WR: S. Jackson
    WR: Cruz
    WR: Wallace
    TE: Myers
    FLEX: S. Smith
    DEF: Bucs
    K: Prater

    RB: Ivory
    RB: Vareen
    WR: Gordon
    WR: Shorts
    WR: A. Jeffery
    WR: Thompkins
    QB: Dalton
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