I know there's more then just me and Chambers so come Michigan fans. Lets talk about our team.

81 players on the roster that are first or second year players. Another highly talented class coming in to include the #1 CB who is #2 player all around, the hands on favorite for the #1 DL who is also top 5 by all services, and battling Bama and LSU for the #1 RB and player. Brady Hoke is doing a tremendous job bringing in talent.

Big win over ND. Though the margin was 11 it could have easily been 16 if not for an ill advised pass by Devin Gardner. Not surprised by the ease they won this game. No reason they shouldn't be unbeaten going to Northwestern.

i dont think there is any doubt that Michigan is rapidly closing the gap between the SEC and Big Ten and within the next 2 years will be able to play with any team in the country. Go Blue.