Line was noticeably better. Bryant got beat badly on the one sack, but otherwise I didn't notice anybody getting stood up or knocked backwards.

We did what I wanted us to do all season and make Funchess a focal point. He's too much of a mismatch for defenses and having a dynamic TE can help get a QB's confidence up. Making Funchess the go-to guy also means Gallon and Dileo will have more openings.

Nice to see Chesson start to settle in more. Kid has a lot of talent, but is extremely raw (had a couple chances at huge plays at UCONN but you could tell he's still learning). Next year with him, a healthy Darboh, and Drake Harris you could see an explosive passing game

Defense seems to finally be settling. While I like having depth, I feel that the constant rotating of players hurt us at occasions (namely Akron, and at some points in UCONN). Going forward I think the starting LBs have to be Ross-Morgan-Beyer until Ryan gets back (maybe this weekend), at which point both Beyer and Jake can put their hand in the ground and rush the passer (and Beyer has perhaps been our best rusher despite doing it part time)

So when Ryan comes back I want the primary front 7 to be this (especially if Pipkins is out the rest of the season)..

Frank Clark-Quinton Washington-Jabril Black-Brennen Beyer (Mario Ojemudia and Chris Wormley rotate in)

James Ross-Desmond Morgan-Jake Ryan (Joe Bolden rotates in)

Secondary continues to be very solid. Blake Countess quietly putting together an All-American caliber season while Raymond Taylor continues to be criminally underrated as a starting CB (not a shutdown guy, but a very good number 2). Safety play could be a bit better. Thomas Gordon has taken a bit of a step back this year IMO. Jarrod Wilson has been solid, but has shown his inexperience.