- First point is we were talking about the company he still works for, and I
used to. The former Operations manager was apparently a security officer
at the DC shooting. Damn shame. He was a good guy. ****ed up how the
good, honorable men fall in the line and ****heads continue to live.

- Second point was as he was briefing me about what he was out doing.
Standard, gig, standard bitches. Hasn't changed in 15 years. Same, pointless
bull****, dead end contracts, etc.

****..I miss it. I miss being around those guys so much. There's lots I don't
miss, don't get me wrong, but freedom, boys...Man...Freedom is a big deal.
I don't regret coming in out of the cold, and going to work for the state. When
my wife got Cancer, we'd've been double ****ed if I didn't have insurance....Which
I didn't out on the road.

I used to spend more time on the road in my civilian life than in the Army. It
gets to be a thing that's in your blood and bones. You can let things
slide, because, you're moving out tomorrow.

Of course, it's ****ty too. Lots and lots of downside and stupidity that nearly killed
me at one point.

It was good to hear from them. But it was really hard too. There's a big part of me that
wants back on the pirate ship. There's more of me that knows the smarter choice is standing
put though.

Kids. Stay in school.