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Thread: Vic Beasley

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    Vic Beasley

    I've had the pleasure of watching Vic Beasley play his last few games and have come away with a man crush. In all the years I've watched college football, I've never seen a player with this type of First Step/Get Off. There have been times where he's been a 1/2 yard into his man before the OT has even reacted. He's been all over the field and has the ability to play 3-4 and a 4-3 OLB and can rush the passer from a DE position in a 4-3. I'm not sure where this kid will be drafted, but if I'm drafting and looking for speed or a pass rush specialist, I'd have Vic Beasley at the top of my list. He's listed at 6'2" (if accurate) and 235 lbs so he certainly has the size to play OLB in the pros. This is exactly the type of speed Miami should be looking at in terms of overall ability, run and chase and rushing. To me he's a far better player than either Wheeler or Olivier Vernon have shown and Beasley hasn't made it to the pros yet. I absolutely love his potential.
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    The way the O-line has been playing...we need a RG, or RT....in the top round
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