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Thread: Raiders vs. Chargers

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    Raiders vs. Chargers

    Forgive me if there is already a thread for this game. I didn't see one so I thought I would post about it. This is the Late LATE show on NFL Network. Pryor has been more impressive than I thought he would be so far. On a side note: I know the Raiders haven't lived up to their tough guy/ scumbag image in a long long time now, but it is so weird seeing the Silver and Black laced with Pink
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    I am shocked to see the chargers getting beat by the raiders.
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    I only saw the first half of the game before I went to bed but did anyone else see that hilariously awful interception Rivers threw early in the game?

    He had the best pocket you could ever see in your life. He was sitting back there like Tom Brady, one of those "you could order lunch back there" pockets and after about seven seconds he just heaves the ball as hard as he can. Right to an Oakland Raider playing center field... absolutely nobody even close to him.

    What on earth was he thinking?
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