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Yeah despite not being ranked, Rutgers has talent on defense and are a team that has consistently given teams fits in recent years. I thought Teddy looked fine last night. He made some nice throws, and made good adjustments.
Yeah so far from the scouting side, from everything I've read everyone was happy with his performance last night. It's the talking heads and causual CFB fans that weren't impressed. But that's the day and age we live in. The expectations for Bridgewater and Clowney were so high they couldn't possibly live up to them. I mean Luck, Manning, et al have slightly off games too. But Teddy can't?

People have been trying to dump on Teddy by citing the stats that Carr and Gilbert put up on Rutgers. Except they threw the ball 70 times while Teddy threw it 30. Now I do believe Shawn Watson handcuffed Teddy last night by calling so many 1st down runs, especially in the red zone. If I had a QB like Teddy I would put the ball in his hands as many times as possible in the red zone. That means throwing on 1st and 3rd down at least.