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Thread: TSA loudspeakers threaten travelers with arrest for making jokes about security?!?!

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    TSA loudspeakers threaten travelers with arrest for making jokes about security?!?!

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    Can't confirm but if true this is big news.

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    Too much power for glorified $6/hour, uneducated security guards.

    I always have to crack up when they use the power of the mighty pen and scribble all over your boarding pass. One day one of those dudes made a check next to my seat. So I sarcastically thanked him for approving my seat. I guess I can't do that anymore.
    Oh and some of them get really grouchy when you come in with an electronic boarding pass. No more power of the pen.

    And then you are supposed to keep your boarding pass handy when going through screening. This one guy argued with me when I told him that my boarding pass is on my cell phone and I had to put that in the bin.

    BTW, a good friend of mine is filing a law suit for discrimination against the TSA. He lives here but is from Germany. He is a green card holder and is not allowed to participate in the TSA pre-approved screening program. He is a very frequent flyer and is part of the Global Entry program. He hasn't been checked for the last couple of year when he re-entered the USA from one of his overseas trips. He is part of Nexus which allows him to travel between the US and Canada without customs or immigration.
    He said to me once: "The US allows me to come and go as I please and they trust me not to break their trust put in me. I can go fight and die for the US and I pay may taxes for the last 3 decades. I raised a son and I support two ex-wives but I can't get pre-approved by the TSA."

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    People make it sound like a widespread problem, but it really isn't. I've been through most major airports in the western and southern parts of the U.S and have had no issues. My latest trip through Louis Armstrong Airport in New Orleans I got checked with what I assume was an explosives detecting mechanism since I was wearing my knee brace, but that's the worst of it. Keep in mind I'm of middle eastern descent and have a Persian last name.

    Though the one time I went through the airport in Baltimore some redneck TSA douchebag harassed me and my dad. But some supervisor came by and apologized and remedied the situation. I guess it could be different in the NE airports, but other parts of the country it definitely is not...

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