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The fact that we didn't make any changes is a big indictment on the overall talent/depth of the oline on this team. You have a 2 year pet project (Yeatman), a former first round pick (Watkins) a versatile veteran (Garner) and a rookie 3rd round pick (Thomas) . . . we have the worst performing starting offensive line in the league and none of these guys can crack the lineup? That isn't good enough for me man. These guys better have shown much improvement come Sunday or somebody needs to be held accountable.
that's one of my issues with philbin and the staff ...sometimes i think they stick with a known commodity and something they are familiar with over taking a chance...there's no way that this same 5 has earned anything through 5 games...

watching them try to get out to a wide run play is embarrassing...calling em even worse...scheme and personnel fits terrible