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someone on here said they threw down with incog at some point.. I thought it was a dude w/ a noles helmet avatar...
Here is the thread that you're referring to.


The guy you're talking about is BigChub22 - the post is #35

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I am not even gonna go into the whole story on this guy....but lets just say his name on this site makes my blood boil, he is a racist peice of ****, cocky no good loser and I hope he never plays again....I had a run in with him in Tempe, AZ (he went to highschool here) his rookie season, and I knocked that prick out (I will admit I got lucky as he is def. bigger than me, but I do own a MMA gym here so not like I don't know what I am doing but still got lucky cause he is big....and a big douche....I HATE HIS GUTS