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Thread: Colorado Voters Approve Hefty Marijuana Taxes

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    Quote Originally Posted by rob19 View Post
    You just told me it'd be around 260$ an ounce, which is a GREAT price on the black market. Let alone for the best quality bud in America from legal and reputable vendors.

    I also just checked a couple of Colorado dispensary websites, and I've seen prices as low as 170$ an ounce. There still might be a few Mom and Pop shops that grow a few plants in their basement (even so, I'm not sure how you beat 170$ an ounce and make any real money), but by and large, taxes or no taxes, I imagine it's virtually a non-issue at this point.

    I also said that seemed cheap and wondered if that was for mid-grade. If you get 200 an ounce for high quality dro/kush then it's a good deal. The numbers I get are all over the place. Can't really tell unless Cophin or Shifty could tell us.

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    I know of a guy who paid >$1k/ounce for dro, so 260 doesnt sound too bad

    Mind you, that guy is an idiot, so its quite possible that stuff goes for cheaper than that here and he got hosed. But I wouldnt know.

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