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Thread: The New York Times reports that “kickbacks and bribes” are legal now in Obamacare

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Gift received at 04-14-2016, 08:30 PM from fishfanmiami
    My whole issue with the ACA is that is wasn't necessary. It is just a political vehicle to gain leverage with voters and a cash cow for friends of the "left leaning" individuals and pay back to supporters that support the democratic party without being rational. Find out who will stand to profit from this. Yea...it happens with republicans too, but this grab was much bigger and obviously not thought out and based on false assumptions and deliberate lies.
    The country would have been better leaving things as they were and weeding out all the fraud in billing, tort reform to reduce liability to doctors to some standard amount, and then giving adequate coverage to those with pre-existing conditions or living in poverty. IMHO it is not the governments place to provide healthcare. They can only enforce regulations.
    This whole ACA law needs to be scrapped and start over. Since Obama has accepted the name " Obamacare" for the program, he is politically attached to it...as are the democrats.
    They will stand by it to the end.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dolphins9954 View Post
    No offense to you Langer, Nick or anyone else. But every time I hear people use the words "Left wing, Right wing, Liberals or Conservatives" in there political views I just tune out. Anyone still in that way of thinking isn't helping the country at all. Divide and Conquer.
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    I can't believe anyone really thinks health care didn't need reform. Health care has been broken for a long time and costs have been rising much much faster than inflation for well over a decade.
    Bush certainly helped it along when he signed that bill forbidding drugs from coming in from out of the country. It was also fun to hear how many times he changed his explanation for why it was needed.
    Im so sick of these politicians lying and the people that stick up for them.
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