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Do you even hear what you're saying? He got leveled because he didn't get the ball out when Wallace was open. He hesitated, which has been a major issue with his ability to connect on the deep ball.

Wallace's comments only attest to the moment he had the ball in his hands. He's manning up for that, but still doesn't excuse the opportunity on Tanny's part to hit him when he was wide open instead of lobbing a desperation throw at the last minute that needed two in-route adjustments to locate.
Again sorry pal, This is what Wallace said "Ball when it came out of the hands kind of looked like it was going to the right so I turned that way. then it was going back to the left so I turned around and tried to find the ball I just didn't make the play. " He clearly stated he misjudged the direction of the ball when it came out of Tannehills hands.

Still with all that said and done the ball still went through Wallaces hands. That is all on Wallace.