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Thread: If Tannehill was sacked so hard..

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    If Tannehill was sacked so hard..

    That he didn't know his name or where he was, and was incoherent, what do you think the first thng he'd say would be?
    "Please don't hit me anymore, I'll throw a better deep ball, I promise!" "Stop Jeff, it hurts, stop!"

    "Ryan, how do feel, are you ok?"
    "It must be bad, he can't speak!"
    "Ryan say 'Go' for yes, and 'Go-go' for no. Can you hear me?"
    Do you know where you are?"
    Did you know you play for the Dolphins?"
    "Aww crap I do??"
    Every Dolphins game is like a box of chocolates...

    "The organization has struggled from a personnel standpoint over the years. For instance, they drafted me in the second round. . . . You don't recover from those types of mistakes." - Rob Konrad on the team's questionable draft picks from 1998-2003.
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    hair of the dog eh?

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