I received an email today and it hit me harder than most emails. Granted, I receive quite a few emails that slam the site and myself, but this one I just had to respond to… but in public. You see, this email questioned my leadership and my lack of “appearance” on the message boards and site. Now, I may not be the best leader and I may not be the most active member on the site; however, I really wanted to share a small piece of what is going on in my life lately… something I held back because I didn’t think it was “right.”

You see, on October 21st of last year my father was diagnosed with cancer. The news has been devastating; life since then hasn’t been the same… it never will be. From October till February my father has been battling cancer one day at a time. Things began to look up for him as the cancer in his lungs was decreasing at a fast rate. However, as of last week my father received the news that while the cancer has been shrinking in his one lung, it has moved to the other lung as well as the liver and other parts of his body. To put it simply, the cancer was found too late and is spreading too fast to stop.

Many people may or may not understand what my family and I are going through right now. My life as I know is has changed dramatically. I am no longer able to consult my father, my friend, for advice that I so desperately want. When it comes to FinHeaven, it’s simply hard to sit down and focus on it as he has always been a factor and has always guided me. I mean, no worries – I don’t plan on leaving the site… I just need some time off for other reasons.

The next couple of weeks will be especially difficult for me as things have started to decline at a fast rate. This entire situation has just made me realize how fragile and valuable life is. I mean, my father is 47 years old… need I say more?

In ending, I really don’t like sharing life stories with people. I’m a rather quite guy. However, I believe this site is like a family. Additionally, I wanted to inform my “second family” of what is going on so you understand why I haven’t been quite as active in the past few months.

Thank you for listening (or reading). Thank you for making this site what it is today. Additionally, I thank (and you should too) the fellow staff for doing a great job while I have been out so many times…

Andrew Tatum