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Thread: USC hires Sarkisian as their new coach

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    USC hires Sarkisian as their new coach

    According to ESPN reports.

    Guess the U. of Washington wasn't a big enough gig. I think Del Rio, the Bronco's stand-in coach, and former Jag's coach and USC player, would have been a better fit.
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    I like Sark, he's a good guy and he deserves the shot. He'll be the most high-character guy they'll have had at USC in a very long while.

    I do think he's making a terrible decision based on money and prestige over a solid program at a top school in a great city. He's walking into a meat grinder in terms of pressure, national attention and some of the worst and most unethical boosters not in the SEC.

    The upgraded facilities at the UW are second to none except Oregon, the school itself is a great university, and I'd pick Seattle over L.A. 100 times out of 100. I'll grant you that at Washington you can't recruit by just waving the USC banner, and I guess the lure of that draw was enough.

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    USC message boards hated the hire. As an alum I like it. The comparisons to Kiffin are sloppy, as sloppy as Sarkisian's waist line. Sarkisian is arrogant and has an attitude, unless mushy Kiffin. He'll restore most of the positive aspects of the Carroll era. My only concern is drifting too far removed from a pro style offense. He needs to leave some of that spread type garbage in Seattle. At USC the tailback runs, not the quarterback.

    USC is a phenomenal program and campus. I always have to laugh at outsiders who knock the area. Once you set foot on the small serene campus with so much camaraderie and quickly accessed landmarks, you never again give it a second thought.

    Recruiting against Mora at UCLA is now a heavyweight battle. Shaw at Stanford is stealing his share as well.
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