I used to work for RCCL and have been stuck going on cruises for work during the season. I also boarded a cruise the day of the panthers game this year.

I tried to watch the game on my phone with 4g and guess what? Sunday ticket on mobile devices uses the GPS to block you from locally broadcast games. A laptop with an ip for the ship... Who knows where that will be geolocated.

If the game isn't on the 1 football channel, you are pretty much screwed. The wifi connection on ships is great now, but the bandwidth is terrible. The whole ship is serviced by satellite. And, only a small slice of the satellite bandwidth is available to guests.

I used to have access to the corporate side of the network and I could barely watch a YouTube video.

I would be shocked if you could watch the game effectively on the ship. I've tried it and only been frustrated.

My suggestion is to bring a radio and listen to the broadcast.