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Thread: 2014 NFL Draft Prospects

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    6.WR Jordan Matthews, Vanderbilt 6'3" 205

    Jordan Matthews Scouting Report

    Routing ~ Phenomenal. Matthews run a vast, sprawling array of Routes, and runs them well. Jerry Rice's Cousin echoes The Great One's persistently diligent Attention to Detail in all the subtleties of Routing, and both his Patience and Work Ethic. Matthews works Routes like a seasoned Veteran and will rapidly earn his QuarterBack's Trust.

    Separation ~ Adept. Matthews isn't especially explosive out'f'is Breaks, but he's sharp enough, and he exhibits tremendous Fluidity in carving out Routes. Watching him on Tape, I often had difficulty distinguishing him before the Snap, despite his Height, because his Core Power and Core Agility is so exceptional that his appearance, when he coils up, is very similar to that of a shorter man. This aids him in producing very impressive Acceleration out'f the Blocks. His best Aspects of Separation, however, are his Field Vision and Instincts for the Open Zone.

    Catching ~ Exceptional. He laid a few Clankers down in previous Years, but Matthews is vastly improved, this Year. He Tracks the Ball exceptionally well, and often exhibits spectacular Vertical Agility. He clearly needs to develop his Capacity to Box Out Defenders at the Catch Point, but he's got huge Hands and immense Potential.

    Navigation ~ Adept. He's racked up pedestrian Yards After Catch Stats at VanDerBilt, but I couldn't help but notice that it is not very often that's put in a position to do so. When he actually gets the Ball with a little bit of Space to work with, his Ricochet is unremarkable, but he demonstrates Fluidity, Power and startling BreakAway Speed!!

    Blocking ~ Outstanding. Consistently gets low and drives his man back. Very impressive, considering his Height.
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