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Thread: Bowl Records by Conference

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    Quote Originally Posted by susser2000 View Post
    I think you can add VT to that list of quality ACC teams...they may not have been really good the past couple years and as much as I hate them, they generally put together a solid team.
    I agree that they are a solid team but they always seem to lay an egg in their bowl game. Georgia Tech is tough during the regular season but they lay eggs in the postseason too. NC and NCST are both in transition but should be good down the road as are Syracuse and Pittsburgh. The ACC doesn't suck, they just haven't been good in bowl games lately. Hopefully FSU and Clemson can win convincingly and gain some respect for the conference.

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    I like the Pac 12 but it had a favorable draw. The teams were favored in all 9 games. On a college football site a few weeks ago I mentioned the favoritism in all 9 games, and said it equated to an over/under of 6.5 wins, based on the level of the pointspreads. One genius mocked me and said it made no sense to be favored in 9 games, yet with an over/under of 6.5. Apparently he thought the over/under should be 9, since all were favored. What could go wrong?

    That 6.5 prop would have been quite interesting because it came down to Stanford, which was bet up to a touchdown favorite. The Pac 12 was 6-2 prior to that game and Stanford led 17-7 before Michigan State started to seize physical control. Actually, I thought the game turned when Anderson dropped a simple interception on third and long when Stanford led 10-0. If they score on the ensuing drive, the Spartans aren't rallying from that deep of a hole. Instead, Michigan State took advantage of the drop and deflected completion to score a touchdown on that drive.
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