I'll make this quick......

On behalf of every sane member of FinHeaven (and guests who view the board), I wanted to address this "Breaking News" rash that has gotten out of control.

When you type the words "BREAKING NEWS" in a thread title, you are grabbing people's attention and elevating their level of excitment/anticipation/fear/etc. And when people click on the thread, the last thing they want to read is some BS crap or a joke. You may think it's cute. But the other 99% think it's annoying. It also jeopordizes the credibility of this board and makes for a less enjoyable experience on the boards.

Well, I won't allow it to go on. If you post the words "Breaking News" in a thread title, it had damn well better be breaking news. Consider it an "executive order" of sorts......and a warning. We're all tired of it. And I'm done playing around.

Also, on another note........if you create a thread regarding a signed player or some other newsworthy or outrageous claim, please post a link to the information. Or at the very least, cite where you got the information from. It's all about credibility and accountability.

Again, this will not become a place where BS rumors fly. Obviously it's ok to report rumors that you've read and such. And this is an internet message board. But please, use some discretion. I'm simply addressing the blatant stuff.

Finally, I just want to drive home a point regarding the posting of articles. When you start a thread for the purpose of sharing an article with the board, please do not post the entire contents of that article. Instead, post a the first few lines.....or the relevant lines.....and then post a link to the rest of the article. This way we avoid copyright issues.

I feel that by following these simple guidlines, we can make for a more enjoyable browsing experience. And I want to say that, by and large, most of our members already follow these guidelines. And for that I'm grateful.

That is all. Thank you for your time.