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Manziel is going to be a big time playmaker at the next level. Sure he's going to be a headache off the field at times but I'll be floored if he gets out of the top ten.

Kyle Van Noy is way underrated. Very instinctual three down linebacker. I think he goes top 25.

Trent Murphy will be a real solid pro. Reminds me of Bjorn Werner last year. Does everything, wows you with nothing.

I too believe Mack goes top ten ahead of Barr...

Verrett from TCU is one of the top thirty two players in this draft IMO. The only reason for him to fall is size.

Another guy who has my attention is Richard Rodgers from Cal. I'm not talking top thirty two here but I think he'll work his way up to maybe the second round.

One other thing. Its hard to figure out where David Fales' stock is but thats the QB I'd keep an eye on.
This isn't my prediction of where players get drafted, rather who I think are the best 32. Manziel will be a top 10 pick. Van Noy can't play in space. Takes bad angles and misses tackles in the open field. His only real fit would be a 3-4 OLB but he is a little undersized for that now. I have Fales the #4 QB after: Bridgewater, Carr, and Garoppolo. I gave Garoppolo and Fales 2nd round grades.