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Thread: FinHeaven's new logo evolution

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    FinHeaven's new logo evolution

    So with it being award time again here at Fin Heaven I figured I would unveil the concept sketches I drew when coming up with the new logo. From the get go I knew that I wanted to keep the essence of the old logo. To me that meant keeping the mean looking eyes and the gritting teeth, but ditching the sharp edges of the old logo. When I first came to Fin Heaven I didn't like the logo because it looked too much like a shark but over time it grew on me.

    So here was my first attempt. Like I said I wanted to keep the look of the old logo. I was trying to give it more and a 3/4 view of the face as opposed to the profile view of the old logo.

    After messing around with it, I thought it looked too much like the old logo. So I scrapped it. I figured maybe go with a more realistic look. So I pulled up some picture of dolphins and came up with this next sketch. I made sure to add the mean eyes and gritting teeth.

    So I wasn't too fond of that look, but I liked the direction, but I got a bit of a artist block after that so I put it down for a couple of days. After coming back to it I decided to use the old logo as inspiration and combine it with my 3/4 view of the face idea. Here is the original sketch of the new logo.

    Because I drew it too close to the corners of the paper I had to trace it onto another piece to finish it. Once I had the final sketch I traced it in black pen and scanned it into the computer.

    From there I traced each section in the color it was going to be. Think kinda like a cake, each layer is a different color. For the word mark I knew I wanted a fin on the letter A in Heaven. So I Google Sharkboy and Lavagirl font and used it as my basis for the wordmark. It is not an exact match to the font I found online, but it is close. This is the original wordmark.

    So after at LEAST a month of collaborating with WildBill and dropping the "Fin Deep" slogan (per Fin-atic's request) we FINALLY came up with the final design:

    I won't even lie, had I lost this contest I would have been crushed. This is BY FAR the best thing I have ever created in Photoshop today and I am EXTREMELY proud of it. Because of that fact I take great offense to anyone that insults this site and will defend it tooth and nail if anyone says anything negatively about it.
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    good stuff man. you were a real trooper with the suggestions and you just rolled with the ideas instead of getting defensive about your new baby. in the end I love the result and I don't know of anyone who hasn't.
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    I expect nothing less from Shifty. The man is very good at his craft.
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    Good work! Interesting to see the evolution. Can't imagine the logo being anything else.

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