I like to try one of these each year. I think it's probably too early for one that will closely mirror Miami's actual draft but it's fun to discuss. I'm going to make some assumptions like acquiring at least one O lineman in free agency, resigning Grimes and one of the D tackles, and ignoring cutting anyone not a FA like Wheeler, Patterson, or Moore. Also assuming losing 6th rd pick for signing McKinnie.

Here goes. Perhaps optimistic, but not out of the question.

1. Calvin Pryor, S Louisville
2. Gabe Jackson G, Miss St
3. Jeremy Hill RB, LSU
4. Kelcy Quarles DT, S. Car
5. James Hurst, OT NC
7. Colt Lyerla, TE Or

I hate our safeties. Well, hate is strong but they are not great. Serviceable is the best I can do. Pryor immediately steps in as a hammer. Jackson should be self explanatory. Miller is fast but Hill is talented and a bigger back. He could be the workhorse Miami needs to make play action truly functional. Quarles adds depth or fills in for whomever leaves, Soliai or Starks. Hurst is probably a reach in the 5th, but he is coming off ACL surgery. Lyerla is simply a stud talent with a ten cent head. Maybe he can get coached up and be that seam threat TE. If not no big loss in the 7th. A gamble with all upside.