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the only top 20 pick player i see is zach martin...he looks as advertised on tape...i dont see anything not to like

rashede hageman i'm with jeremiah looks great some reps looks ehh some others just like his minnesota tape...at that size i think he's a 34 de...i think the mccullers kid probably is also...

matt borland watched 3 tapes of his last night...misses too many tackles he should make clean to the ball...motor and effort is there all the way but off balance and a hand on the ground to keep his balance a lot undersized likes to dive tackle from poor angles and misses more than he should...struggles to get off blocks when engaged instincts are good which helps him arrive to the ball in a hurry but physically at the next level i have concerns...sure he'd help our lb core just about anyone with instincts would but i see mike 43 who should make more tackles when clean to the ball and with better form...overruns things at times...feet get out from under him...not a 2nd round value to me...the kuechly stuff is crazy

only wr that would interest me is the mathews kid from vandy but i see lack of long speed...has trouble separating on vertical routes...i have 3 games to watch of his but my initial thoughts are pick in the 50-75 range value...he can separate out of his lateral cuts and i like that but i think the lack of long speed i see will have dbs sitting on some stuff with him...underclassmen is where the wr talent lies...

at corner a bunch of big body guys who are gonna play press man not many scheme fits for us...i bet the baptiste kid is one that teams are looking at at safety cause man those hips are stiff even in press you can see it...he better tackle well i havent seen much of his work but if he's not a sure tackler he looks like a tweener to me...kick inside prospect imo

most interesting guy of the big body corners i see is the utah corner...pretty fluid for his size but again not a scheme fit...a lot of big body press guys and as such not scheme fits for us no point in looking really

i havent seen anything that looked better in off man coverages than jamar taylor did last year in reps...a couple small school kids are interesting as developmental guys that i think could fit our system...desir and aiken

aaron donald under 6 ft 1 and 288 lbs add in short arms and i wouldnt use a first round pick on him...diominant in one on one but i havent seen much in 11 on 11 team...i have some concerns about maxed out guy there...but the measurables etc dont get it done for me as a 1st round value...

deon buccannon looks pretty good in one on ones needs to find the ball better in the red zone work but i have seen pretty good awareness on his tape...those hips are better than he gets credit for imo...what i havent seen this week is the physical enforcer i was expecting to see...just not dynamically jumping off the screen at you...i like him though

charles sims most interesting running back i have seen so far...where the value is i have no idea right now and i dont know about his pass pro

dee ford i like...he's got edge win pass rush physical tools but that's 34 olb all the way doubt it would even be on our board...good looking initial situational edge rusher imo though

van noy i'm with mayock 43 strong backer we just signed misi to an extension and they like him i don't see us showing much interest as a result...i think he can handle zone drops and in the flat man coverage but carrying coverage i see issues...still someone will get a solid player there and plug him at strong...come off the field in the nickle imo...effective blitz lb...good short area lateral agility make you miss will help with his pass rush get home

i keep hearing good things about this bitonio kid and he looks like a scheme fit but i havent seen a lick of his work...

the miss st guard jackson is a good looking player i think 2nd guard off the board behind zach martin if he's drafted as such but i see power player all the way...more power scheme fit guy than zone...thud on contact strength in his hands pretty good feet

the colorado state center is showing well anchors well tough...just not as good a move athlete as schwenke was last year and like mayock i'd prefer of the two

i also think that utah state center has got some game to him...
If you're waiting on Buccannon to show as a consistently physical player, I think you'll be waiting forever. Every game I saw from him, his tackling was weak. If he has a guy lined up, he can deliver the boom, but you only get guys lined up so often. The much smaller (and I'd say better) Ward is a more consistently physical tackler.