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The kid is tiny. If you want to take a chance that his size won't limit his effectiveness in the NFL, then I put it to you that a second rounder is a very high price to find out. Especially with a talent like Smallwood in the second and guys like Lamin Barrow and Shayne Skov in the mix a little further down.

I value instinct more than just about anything at LB, but you have to be prepared to accept the ramifications of having a super-instinctual player arrive at the right place and the right time, and be unable to physically prevent his target from gaining yards. At it's most basic level, Borland has to ankle tackle most RBs, TEs and receivers to be sure of taking them down. Watch the tape. He often starts by wrapping up high and then slips down to take the legs. As human beings are about 2 yards high, every tackle he makes surrenders close to 2 yards more than a LB who can stop a runner in his tracks. That's why RBs who always fall forward have better stats than those who don't. Falling forward with Borland around your ankles isn't hard. Falling forward with Karlos Dansby in your grille is hard.

In many cases, he just won't stop a guy at all, even if he diagnosed the play perfectly. I'm not even bringing up his very short arms at this point, which instantly limits his range in a big way.

I might be prepared to live with that on my roster, but not with a second or even third round pick.

PS I also rate Wisconsin very highly as a producer of NFL-grade talent. The buyer beware is that some players have reached close to their max under the Badgers programme.
i tend to agree with this...the instincts though are quite high...barrow of lsu is someone that has caught my eye but not as instinctual i think the kirkley kid for iowa is another solid lb and i like his teammate morris instincts even if i dont know much about his range

we could do worse than borland with a 2nd rounder god knows we have done much worse but for me that size bothers me and he is a dive and ankles tackler a lot...he will struggle at the poa unless he can work his way thru trash and find the football clean etc...i don't know tough kid to evaluate...and i think in coverage there will be come issues...looks like mike only to me...might be more inclined if i felt he could hold up in coverage at weak but i dont

i'd probably be more inclined on a 3rd rounder there...don't think i'd pull the trigger in the 2nd...gonna be a lot of people either way wrong on this or way right i see no in between here

kid finds the football though...no doubt about it...plays very smart...even if it is in a small package