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Let me offer you a Chris Borland clone you can have in the final rounds or UDFA. Jake Doughty of Utah St. Similar build, 6ft and 235 or something, the guy is a machine. 148 tackles, 45 solo, 2 PDs, 2 sacks 1 Int.

Part of one of the top 3 run stopping defenses in the NCAA. Only 2 teams got over 100yds rushing all year. Doughty was a huge part of that.

This kid may not even get taken in the 7th, as there is zero buzz about him.

This is from last season against LA Tech. Doughty is #51, playing mostly Mike.
Hey man, did you watch that video you posted? It is almost entirely Utah State on offense ... so skimming it I saw zero footage of them on defense or anyone on either team as number 51. I think you accidently posted the wrong video. If not, would you mind letting me know where in that video your guy shows up? I'm always interested in game footage of players, even highlight reel stuff, but I'm missing it on this one.