Former Michigan right tackle Michael Schofield (right) has drawn praise this week at the annual Senior Bowl. AP Photo
Michigan Schofield played a lot of football at Michigan, and he did so at more than one position.
A three-year starter in total, Schofield played games at guard and both tackle spots for the Wolverines throughout his career.
On Wednesday, while working out at the Senior Bowl in Alabama, the former Wolverine showed his chops at his primary position.
"He's 6-foot-6-1/2, 305 pounds, not a highly acclaimed kid -- a late add (to the Senior Bowl) -- but I thought he stoned everybody in the (one-on-one drills)," NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock said during the network's broadcast Wednesday. "He's a right tackle only in my opinion. They tried him at guard. Right tackle only is not a good thing to be in the NFL unless you're a starter.
"(But) I think he has the potential to be a starting right tackle. He's got to get stronger. But, Michael (Schofield), nice day today."