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Thread: Dave Hyde: 5 misconceptions about Dawn Aponte

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    Quote Originally Posted by GoonBoss View Post
    Dear Penthouse forum,

    I never though it would happen to me, but me and J. Wayne's horse were....
    Lol well Xavia Hollander wrote that she did a dog lol.
    I always wanted to do flipper back in the day when we scored in orange bowl. He was always so happy
    When Death Smiles Upon You the Infantryman smiles back

    WVdolphan "Ireland gets it.
    And those who also get it, know that Ireland gets it. Those who are clueless are still concerned about cornfed and the running game"

    WVDOLPHAN "The last thing this team should be worried about is the OC(offensive corn). When you add it all up, its really a pretty solid OC"
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    Quote Originally Posted by GoonBoss View Post
    I'm sorry.....But no. Omar Kelly never addresses anything well. If he manages to punctuate and spell correctly,
    he'll miss facts. If he doesn't miss facts, he'll shoot at a man....And miss. It's telling.

    ---------- Post added at 12:52 PM ---------- Previous post was at 12:51 PM ----------

    I'd **** her.

    Regarding Dawn. Wondering if she spits or swallows..inquiring minds need a poll.
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