1) Zach Martin T/G Notre Dame Plug and play either RT or LG. Instant starter. plays with tenacity, something our ***** of o lineman are missing

2) Stanley Jean Baptiste CB Nebraska Instant Starter Opposite of Brent Grimes. since none of our CB's are healthy enough to stay on the field and none of them have the size, jean baptiste is the perfect fit for the new ERA of CB's

3) Caraun Reid DT Princeton Really made a name for himself this draft process. fast and stout on the DLine. can easily replace soliai or starks and crack rotation early in career.

4) Telvin Smith OLB FSU one of the most athletic LBs in the draft. can cover TE's and RBs with ease. short and sweet, something none of our LBs can do.

5) Curtis Feigt RT WVU depth pick with fantastic measurable. real athletic too. fits the zone scheme good and plays with tenacity. something our ***** of o lineman are missing

6) Tim Cornett RB CORNELL Sleeper 210lb RB, big fast RB to add depth behind lamar miller and hopefully be what daniel thomas was suppose to be, a tough north and south RB

7) Kevin Norwood WR ALABAMA