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Thread: Congress secretly approves U.S. weapons flow to "moderate" Syrian rebels

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    Congress secretly approves U.S. weapons flow to "moderate" Syrian rebels

    Light arms supplied by the United States are flowing to "moderate" Syrian rebel factions in the south of the country and U.S. funding for months of further deliveries has been approved by Congress, according U.S. and European security officials.

    The weapons, most of which are moving to non-Islamist Syrian rebels via Jordan, include a variety of small arms, as well as some more powerful weapons, such as anti-tank rockets.

    The deliveries do not include weapons such as shoulder-launched surface-to-air missiles, known as MANPADs, which could shoot down military or civilian aircraft, the officials said.

    The weapons deliveries have been funded by the U.S. Congress, in votes behind closed doors, through the end of government fiscal year 2014, which ends on September 30, two officials said.
    The apparently steady weapons flow contrasts with the situation last summer, when lethal U.S. aid to the Syrian rebels dried up for a time due to congressional reservations.

    "Moderate" Al Qaeda rebels.....right. Will the guns have 10 bullet mags?? Did all the "rebels" pass back ground checks??

    "Politics is the Art of Looking for Trouble, Finding it Everywhere, Diagnosing it Incorrectly, and Applying the Wrong Remedies".

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Message: Hit um straight wildman.
    Funny how the government is the worlds largest supplier of weapons and munitions around the world that kill more people, guilty or innocent but they are worried about gun safety within the US boarders by law abiding citizens.
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    It apparently must not be that big of a secret
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