It's superbowl sunday and man I wish the Phins we're here, anyway I used to play basketball with Russell Wilson at NC State, so go Seahawks, Anyways....

2014 nfl draft

1st round: C.J. Mosley- no player, no coach, not even the oline frustrated me more than Phillip Wheeler, he sucks. He can rot on the bench for a year before we cut him. C.J. Mosley is a leader, and really has no glaring weakness. Plus he can shed a ****ing block. Fits a need and he's a top BPA. Comparison: Lavonte David

2nd round: Morgan Moses - I had trouble figuring out the best Tackle to man the RT position, but if this guy get's in better shape and refines his technique, he's got everything you want in a RT. Now coach him up John Benton. Comparison: Bryant McKinnie (Later Viking years)

3rd round: Trade our 3rd and 5th to the skins for their 3rd. Bishop Sankey - I know everyone wants Carlos Hyde or power back strictly, but like a girl who's hot and whitty, you fall in love quick with Bishop Sankey. Underated power, balance, vision, good speed, can actually pass protect. Him and Miller would be a nice combo. Who says you need smash and dash. Comparison: Matt Forte

4tg Round: OG: Wesley Johnson, Dozier, Lindor, Etc... There are plenty of options and we need competition with Dallas Thomas, Nate Garner and Sam Brenner for the RG spot.

6th round: Trey Millard FB - I love me some Millard and is a perfect Philbin guy and would work with Lazor's offense. Can do everything. Comparison: James Casey or John Kuhn

7th round: Either by trading the P***sy Martin or Comp. Pick. - BPA

This is all assuming we resign our boys back. Grimes, starks, Soliai, Clemons.
In Fa - Anthony Collins and Evan Dietrich Smith.

Let me know if I should replace Hickey once he's gone : )