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Thread: Luck vs Tannehill

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    I really don't get to post much anymore but have to throw my 2cents into the fountain. I'd take any of 3 guys being compared in this thread. Luck Wilson Tannehill all look like studs at the position to me. I see elite physical talent and mental fortitude. They all bring new athletic dimensions to the position. The most impressive thing to me has been the toughness of all 3. Luck is punishing as a runner, with little regard for his body. Russel plays like he's 5 inches and 30lbs heavier. He is elite behind the line of scrimmage as far as mobility. Tannehill is one of the toughest QB's ive seen play in a few years. I've never seen a QB take as much punishment as this guy and dust it off his shoulders and go ball.

    The only thing I see as a difference between Tannehill and Wilson/Luck is leadership. I can't say if that's attributed to lack of experience at the QB position or if its just his demeanor/personality. The other 2 seem just as humble and mellow as tannehill off the field, but on the field I don't know if I see the same fire in him..... yet. You can say I'm wrong but I just don't see players on the dolphins rallying behind him in the same way. /rant off
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