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I'm with Fin and Awsi on this one. Nothing against Zach Martin, but if you can't find a solid guard in the later rounds, you don't have a chance anyway. We're not talking about a Greg Robinson kind of O-lineman who can clear out a side or do ridiculous things in space. We're talking about a guy who should be good, solid.

BTW, Jimmie Ward is starting to get love as a 1st RD pick. Rob Rang had him mocked to Denver at #31 - which makes sense, given what Earl Thomas did to their offense.
Wow. I'm not sure that's great value, even though I think he's a quality player. He's a bit on the small side, but the Earl Thomas comparison is very good. I love to watch guys who read a play and, before their brain is finished processing the information, their body is already half way to the tackle. It's that mix of instinct and decisiveness that's the golden ingredient. Helps that he has the speed and athleticism to get there and lay the wood too.

On the guard/tackle discussion, I think what some of us are saying is we have enough solid players on this squad. Yes, we have to remodel the o-line, but we can't afford to stock the roster with decent year 1 starters who stay decent and nothing more. We need about 5 players who have much bigger upside than our average player standard, even if the bust risk is higher, even if the year 1 production isn't there. This is what I like about the Hickey hire. You can see in TBs drafts (whoever was at the helm) that they shot for the lights with certain players. I have to say I appreciated Ireland making a play for Jordan the way he did, whether it works out or not (and I suspect it will). It was the rest of his draft that was appalling.