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If, as Hoops says, Mosley would line up at WOLB, then I would view it as a wasted pick as you have a player on the current roster who in my view would be a better solution than Wheeler there and that is Jordan.

I would view Mosley in the 1st as a wasted pick.
i think if they played jordan at lb (which all indications are coyle has no interest in it) it would be strong...misis spot...barry jackson said as much on one of his insider takes that a dolphins official said that they like misi on the field on first down at strong and plan to keep it that way and have no lb plans for jordan

now obviously jordan at strong could stay on the field more than misi as a lb given his athleticism speed etc and coverage ability...i think if mosley came here it would be as wheelers replacement...i doubt it happens though cause they seem to think jelani jenkins as the next man up may be the guy...not sure i see that either...another poor instincts player inside and off tackle in the run game...more athlete than instincts