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We're all sinners to some extent Kev.. but our divide here is that you believe sin is determined by biblical edicts and tenets while I believe it's derived from an innate instinct and resulting self-governor that a non hands-on Supreme Being/Grand Designor hard wired into us as part of the architectural blueprint. Don't need no one to tell me what's a sin thank you (especially if they're hypocritcal about it themselves!) Have you noticed that the more stridently vociferous and inflexible the sin sermonizer is, the more likely they turn out to be hypocrites themselves and in reality trying to shame themselves or seek salvation by rationalizing that while they can't save themselves, maybe their redemption lies in saving others ??? Ya know, I've given a lot of thought over many years to all of this but don't really wanna get too much beyond the periphery here of my own observations and beliefs; that periphery being that while I certainly do respect those who consistently live by their faith based beliefs, I personally reject them and resent anyone trying to foist them on me spiritually or legally.

I think I hear ya correctly - Cain knew that he had committed sin when he killed his brother Abel ~ there wasn't any written revelation at the time. (Genesis 4)

But for me the narrative doesn't end there, while I believe we have an inner blueprint, I really do, God was also merciful to give his people the "Law of Moses" that they a sinful people could come into contact with "Holy" - and His people still dropped the ball, thinking they could be "holy" and stand in His presence by sacrificing helpless animals or by eatting and cleaning themselves correctly.

Now, I also know that Christianity in the USA is also a lot more "political" than here in Canada and that has turned more than one stomach both on the outside looking in but alos on the inside looking into Christianity. I have done some of my own research into Deism, and while I cannot disagree that there is a blue print or more, I cannot fathom a rational for why there isn't any "revelation" from this creator ~

If some "Law" wasn't written down we would have what we read in the "The Lord of the Flies" - accept there would be no rescue -> Piggy's out there would all be dead -> because they are dying anyway with the blueprint and the revalation

But I won't be the guy confused with having blinders on either. I see the inflexibity of Christiniaty, I talk to people, and that is why I always return to Jesus and what Jesus had to say over anyone's cherry-picked story or account. Yes it gets me in trouble, as did coming out of the closet.