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Thread: Ray Rice arrested for domestic violence

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gonzo View Post
    I thought we banned junc for a few days? No wonder you guys get along so well. Twins separated at birth. Almost exactly the same approach to discussions.

    I have absolutely no problem with them having to submit to psychological evaluations for how they acted not only to Martin, but other players and team staff. None whatsoever (and neither would you if they were all jests). It has nothing to do with "earning" anything.

    Once again, you are acting like Ray Rice is facing no punishment. It's the premise of your entire argument and it's absolutely flawed. Do you know he doesn't have to undergo a psych eval? Do you know he won't be suspended? Do you know anything about what the league is going to do regarding him at all? No. You don't know **** about it because it just started, so again, apples to oranges.

    If Rice eventually faces no punishment from the league, then yes, there's an problem. That simply isn't the case at this point because it literally just got started. What you appear to be asking for is the equivalent of the league suspending all three players before any investigation was conducted. That didn't happen and it's not going to happen with Rice. Another reason they are completely different is that one is a workplace issue and one, at this point, is an outside legal issue. Of course it's being handled differently. That's just how real life works.

    Of course, if Ray Rice was a Phin, I can only imagine the levels you would go to in defending him. "It's a league set up!1! That wasn't Ray Rice in the video, it was Goodell in blackface!1! The investigating cop was a family friend of junc's!1!"

    So will invoking "junc-like" turn into the FH equivalent of invoking "like the Nazis" on many political forums? LOL

    Unlike Junc who either saw nothing wrong with, condoned or rationalized all the ongoing misogyny under the Jest Big Top from Rex pimping his wife, to sexual harassment of reporters, to front office pimping their employees for dick-texting diva QBs to trading for Santonio Holmes after he threw a glass, not its contents at a woman, if any or all of those things happened to a Fin, I'd be condemning it unequivocally. But like junc, it seems to be you who is intent on the last word... so please go ahead after this. And unlike junc, I never changed the line in the sand: it was and is basically the same: if the league is making certain Fins pass psychological evals as a precondition for league reentry, then it would be hypocritical and merely a PC gesture unless more of the same ends up being done for more players demonstrating more egregious, dangerous violations on and off the field cuz surely a lack of control when it comes to rage has gotta be worrisome to their co-workers. Please show me where I ever ventured off course in espousing that premise.

    Now as far as jumping the gun (no film, no arraignments, no convictions, just visceral reaction), it's true I argued with dlox when he was maintaining that the Starks SoBe vehicle arrest probably was warranted cuz where there's smoke there's fire. I was right; charges were dismissed. Ditto when Martin's insidious handlers "leaked" a few incendiary racist texts knowing it would be raw meat for the media hyenas; I said , wait a minute, let's get the story on this, and low and behold I was right cuz it turned out those were a handful of back and forths in a 1000 texts where Martin gave as good as he got regarding ****ing sisters vs killing families. Admittedly without hard evidence I might be inclined to give the fins the benefit of the doubt, but how is that different from the visceral reactions with the same lack of verifiablesubstantation by many around here who are eager to indict and condemn? So I resent the junc depiction/analogy - ironically especially since I was thinking I might as well be arguing with junc after each response and how your own sandlines seemed to be shifting. I guess perception is reality for both of us, eh? LOL

    You can certainly have the last word but it's obvious that neither will change the other's mind.

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