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Thread: a mock that has us taking tre mason at 50

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    a mock that has us taking tre mason at 50

    I like mason. he is a pure runner. he needs to get better at blocking and prove to be a receiving threat, but def a upgrade of thomas. the mock has us taking ot from bama in the first.

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    The ot from bama scares the hell out of me, he didn't deliver at all on what was expected of him, which is rare for bama players, I wouldnt draft him in any rnd, there's something up with him that we don't know yet.

    Mason is a player I love, reminds me of Emmit Smith a lot. But you have to wonder if when he gets into the NFL if he becomes the next Trent Richardson. A guy who was amazing in the SEC, but had an amazing line. Look at Trent now, he doesn't have those big holes to run through, and dances around like a deer in the headlights, no clue where to go, looks like 1/4 of the man he once was. That's also pretty common with big backs who were good in college.

    I've have seen mason multiple times stall and look up the field, especially on screen plays where he did a lot of his damage. It didn't hurt him college because his line really cleaned the way for him. on those screen plays I would see them 15 yards up field with everyone completely blocked, he won't see that in the NFL.

    I think on a good team mason will flourish, but I'm not convinced he has the natural talent or polish if he's on a average or below team. Again I like tre, just not for us, and def not as a high pick.
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    I feel good with hickey choosing backs - just not QBs
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