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Thread: Love It or Shove It?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Southbeach 2 View Post

    1) Here's a list of FA TE's. If Keller can walk, let alone run, he is better than any. He could be a Wild Card, as the team treated him very well.

    2) Agree on many options. I would prefer a FA who can block a bit. IF we get one, I'm not sure I would draft one, depends on who is there.

    3) I don't like or dislike Devlin, not enough to see. I want to keep Moore for this year to help RT before moving on. New OC, new scheme, and some help from a vet who has seen everything. IMO, this is the last year of Tannehill's learning, and I want to give him every option to succeed.
    I like Keller, but I certainly wouldn't bank on him recovering anytime soon. Vet minimum only, and I'd still take Ebron. As for Moore, definitely not at his current cost, but I wouldn't be opposed to him coming back.

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    1) Coyle should be incorporating some 3-4 to take advantage of his talent?

    2) Hickey should look at other younger FA CB's to replace Grimes?

    3) The team will be better in replacing Starks and Soliai with younger, cheaper talent?

    Love It or Shove It?
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    shove it on all

    We already incorporate the 3/4. When Jordan's in he is basically a stand up OLB rushing the passer.If we lose Big Paul or Starks i don't think we currently have the personal to play 3/4 in base.

    Didn't we just spend two high draft picks at CB ? Hopefully they'll see the field this year. Grimes stays.

    If they could some way keep both that would be ideal but we'll most likely lose one. His replacement might not be much cheaper or even much younger.
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