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Thread: Forum GM Challenge- Spend $30M on This years Cap

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    Forum GM Challenge- Spend $30M on This years Cap

    Miami has $39M in cap space now, and will free up some more if need be. I'm thinking that after putting aside $2M for the draft, money for injuries, exclusive right guys, etc, and Grimes $4M hit this year, we can spend up to $30M THIS year.

    As we have seen last year, and with Grimes, the first year contract cap hit has nothing to do with the average of the deal. For example, if we get Monroe for $10M a year, he will likely cost $6M this year, a guy averaging $5-6M will likely cost $3-4M this year but, if you want to include any one year deals, there is no wiggle room.

    Have fun filling the needs to set up the draft, as I'm sure Hickey is going to do.
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    Well I'm not a capoligest but I will take a swing at it. Looking at our up coming schedule we play alot of pass heavy teams. I would release Patterson for the extra 5 mill then sign Talib, Byrd and Starks to contracts on the defensive side. On the offense I will sign atleast Monroe to play LT. The guards in free agency this season aren't overly impressive unless I could get Safold to sign and play guard, if not I would wait until possibly the draft to pickup the rest of my lineman. I would then be asking Tennessee about a possible trade of a late round pick in the 2015 draft for CJ and then redo his contract with a lot of incentives and performance clauses. If I could get that done with the 30 mill plus the extra 5 mill from cutting Patterson I would feel good about that.
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