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Thread: Vick to the Jets

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    Quote Originally Posted by phins_4_ever View Post
    Some paragraph separations would be good.

    You are defending an illegal behavior. Just because it is a part of growing up or part of the culture does not make it legal nor does it make it acceptable. You mentioned Florida. Don't. Dogfighting, killing animals and torture of animals are illegal in the State of Florida.

    There is a reason that dog fighting and torturing of animals is illegal.

    But you can make all kinds of excuses for him. And because of people like you, Junc and the like, guys like Vick can do whatever they want to and still keep playing for millions of dollars and be an idol for many kids who will value dog fighting and animal torture less of a crime because of a famous person like Vick.
    People like me I hate to tell u help to have people like Vick not play football and spend time in jail.
    What the f do u mean don't mention florida, I mentioned dog fighting goes on quite a bit in florida, I never said it wasn't illegal or shouldn't be illegal.
    I have done nothing to help Vick or any other player in the NFl continue to pay in that league.
    If kids grow up thinking dog fighting is ok, it will have nothing to do with Vick because they see he spent actual jail time for doing illegal crap.
    Vick if anything at this point is pretty damn good anti dog fighting ad since it did nothing positive for his life and can attest to that.
    If I ran the league you would be suspended for a DUI, so don't act like I would just let stuff pass.
    The guy did his time and the league chose to reinstate him not me.

    Please show me anywhere where I ever said dogfighting was not illegal or was not bad thing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AphexPhin View Post
    last time I checked Ricky doesn't have nearly as many kids as Cromartie. Whats Cromartie up to anyways? 8 kids with 6 different women or something? lol

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    Yeah Finnegan may be a "punk" but at least he never murdered or tortured dogs like the new Jets' player did.

    nyjunc stays losing
    I believe he is up to 12 with 8 different women.
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