I love Michio. I love to hear the man explain theories and ideals. It is a fascinating notion that consciousness can be quantified and looking at such quantifications gives you an understanding of evolutionary hierarchy or for those creationists out there, the hierarchy of Gods creations based on his architecture.

I love how the units define the level of consciousness, I would however sit and debate with him the notion of animals and planning, I would argue to him that animals do in fact at a high enough consciousness plan but do not understand the reason measured by forward time for the planning. It would still fall into the theory and allow for a definition of instinctual behaver verse thoughtful behaver. An animal who hibernates would fully understand that a change in climate is leading to an increase in eating habits due to colder weather and a scarcity of food, they do not however understand why the weather is changing and when it will change again.

Anyway it is at least fun to think and debate about.